Why would you want a permit from Utah?
Because it's just like getting
a permit to carry in 31 additional states!

Take a look at this map - all the colored states honor the Utah permit - for residents and non-residents alike:


"The Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for ensuring that all concealed firearm permit applicants receive proper training according to 53-5-704 U.C.A. The Bureau will issue, certify, and regulate all concealed firearm permit holders and instructors." Laws constantly change, this information is designed to assist. You MUST contact BCI or your specific state of interest for current rules and regulations.

[email protected] | 801-965-4445
Click here to visit the official BCI website

In addition, the 4-hour Utah class certificate is accepted by both
Maine and Florida for their required certification.
At the conclusion of the Utah class I'll provide
the necessary materials so you can submit
Non-Resident applications for each of
those states and for
New Hampshire, too!

The fee for the Utah class is:
$150 for 1 student
$125 each for 2 students
$100 each for 3 or 4 students
NOW - $75 each for 5 or more students

Depending on the travel time from Springfield to your home
a surcharge may be required.