I had Larry visit my home for my training requirement for a Class A License to Carry and was very pleased with the results. He has a great breadth of knowledge covering all relevant areas one needs to obtain a firearm license. One thing that really stood out was his flexibility in instructing people, both men and women, with varying degrees of experience with firearms. I was so pleased that I decided to schedule a visit to his range for one-on-one instruction for my new S&W .45 caliber 1911 handgun. With his instruction I went from simply trying to hit the target to consistently nailing the bullseye and can now properly care for my firearm. I would strongly recommend a course like this to anyone who has recently purchased a firearm and strongly recommend doing it with Larry. I have the target I shot at from the range at home and the results are hard to argue with!

Tom C. — Rochester

My experience with Larry was excellent! I contacted him, and he was available the next week, to instruct me. Larry was very professional, and made me feel really comfortable. He was highly knowledgeable, could not emphasize safety enough, and I could tell he was proficient in the use of firearms. He brought an assortment of firearms, taught me how to safely handle and reload all of them. His course was comprehensive, and he answered all my questions! I could not think of a better person to be instructed by, especially after meeting Larry! Trust me when I tell you, if you are going to be instructed in the safe and proper handling of a firearm, one on one is the way to go. I had all the time I needed, to ask any questions I had, and even more importantly, I did not feel stupid doing so. I’m sure being instructed in a group setting is good but, I don’t think you are going to get the chance to ask the questions you want to ask. It is very well likely; some vital piece of information could be overlooked, in a group setting. If you are looking for a great instructor, look no further! Larry is my choice, and I have already started recommending him!

Gerry V. — Salem, NH

It took only four hours to change my views on firearms. Those 4 hours took place in my living room at a gun safety class my son was hosting. As I had just accepted a job in a very violent section of Dorchester, MA, I was interested in taking control of my safety and the timing of the class was perfect. I was going to go through the motions of taking the class so I could get a license to carry mace. There is no way, not under ANY circumstances, that I would EVER hold let alone carry, a firearm. Larry Anderson, the instructor of this class arrived at my home laden with bags. I was suspicious. There would be NO guns in my home, right?? "Oh yes, there are guns in the bags but they are all unloaded." OK.....loosely. There are still forbidden guns in the bags and they are in my home!! My palms were sweaty. You see, I have a very intense fear of guns. I have no real physical experience with them, positive or negative. The closest I have ever been involved with a gun was when my cousin was murdered by being shot in the face. I saw a picture of the offending weapon. That helped to intensify my dislike and fear. During the class Larry expertly went through the laws and how to be safe with guns....both loaded and unloaded. We practiced handling the guns, loading and unloading them, No one was pressured.....and even though I was terrified, I did it with the support of Larry who did appreciate and understand how I was feeling. That meant a lot! Having the knowledge I have now I am no longer as fearful of the gun. I have learned how to properly handle a gun, and much of the info I had before was based on what I saw in the media, heard from other gun fearful people and what I had seen in movies. I now know differently. I know the truth.

I want to go to a firing range to become more comfortable with them before purchasing one. I cannot believe that I Am even saying this. ME??? A gun??? Hell YES me. Taking control of MY safety. GO ME!

Larry has a passion for guns. His passion oozes from him, from his facial expressions as he describes and teaches, to his body language as he goes through the motions of handling the guns. His passion put me at ease. This die-hard anti-gun lady has changed her thoughts completely. I will be purchasing mace for sure, but I will also be purchasing a firearm to take control of my own personal safety as well as keeping my home and loved ones safe. Knowledge is power. Thank you Larry!!

AnnMarie E. — Melrose

I would like to take time to thank you for a great class the other night. Instead of having a class which felt like we were in a classroom, it seemed like some friends discussing an important topic. It was relaxed and really lent itself to a pleasant learning environment. You did a great job explaining how the laws effected us on a personal basis. Even my children listening in the other room picked up on Eddie Eagles rules for firearms. They both know if they see a gun then don't touch it , leave the room and tell an adult. It will stay with them forever. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get a firearms license or to anyone who would just like to be educated on gun safety.

Kevin S. — Fitchburg

Thank you so much for the time you spent with all of us. All of the ladies, myself included, feel more confident because of the individual attention you gave to all of our questions and concerns. I have recommended others contact you who weren't able to attend our session. I'm more than sure they will be just as pleased with your instruction.

Catherine H. — Amesbury

Larry has a wide breath of knowledge on firearms and ammunition. But what impressed me most about Larry is his knowledge of the law and his down right friendliness. He took the time to answer every question that my wife and myself had. For me it was either take a class with a group or spend more money and get the hands on instruction in your own home with a man that I would highly recommend. I am not easily impressed as being an engineer and project manager but Larry is an outstanding instructor.

Tom S. — Dudley