I teach the approved BFS LTC-007 course.

On successful completion you'll receive your
MA State Police Basic Firearms Safety Certificate
needed for submission with your application.

Course Content

  • City color codes: green, red, blue, yellow, black
  • Licensing categories: Class A Large Capacity, Class B, FID, Restricted FID
  • Storage in the home
  • Transportation & storage in a vehicle
  • Firearm safety: Eddie Eagle rules for kids; three safety rules
  • Operation, loading & unloading of handguns:
    • Ruger SP-101 3" barrel .357/.38 Special revolver
    • S&W Bodyguard .380 semi-automatic
    • Ruger LCR .22LR revolver
    • Ruger SR22 semi-automatic
    • Beretta 92FS full-size 9mm (large capacity)
  • Massachusetts regulations of large capacity magazines, large capacity handguns & "assault weapons"
  • Art & challenges of concealed carry
  • What to do if you're stopped for a moving violation
  • Judicious use of lethal force in self-defense: facts & fantasy
  • Firearm selection for the home and for concealed carry
  • How to avoid getting into trouble with the law
  • Responsibilities, liabilities & obligations of firearms ownership