MA State Police Basic Firearms Safety Instructor (BFS #00582)

LEOSA Course Instructor (#4044)

Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor (#I102635)

NRA certified-instructor
(ID #7269513):
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Basic Practical Pistol
  • Personal Protection
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar

Active Resident & Non-Resident CCW permits:
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Utah
  • Texas (Level III Commissioned Security Officer)

Graduate of:

Rob Pincus's Combat Focus Shooting in April, 2014

Massad Ayoob's Lethal Force Institute

  • LFI-I
  • Stressfire
  • Auto Pistol
  • Combat Shotgun
John Farnam's Defense Training International
  • Defensive Handgun

SigArms Academy
  • Long-range Precision Scoped Rifle
I've been teaching and certifying students for more than 25 years.

I've carried a concealed firearm nearly every day for the same 20+ years. I know from personal experience the benefits and confidence that concealed carry can offer. More importantly, I also know the inherent problems that carrying a concealed gun and keeping it concealed present, especially during New England's changing weather, while wearing different modes of clothing and under varying social circumstances.

I help my students understand these vital issues through patient and individualized instruction among small groups of students.

I'm not ex-military and I'm not ex-law enforcement. My background and training didn't emerge from either of these honorable professions.
I'm a civilian, just like you. And so my frame of reference for teaching is that of an armed civilian and not the mind-set of law enforcement or military, both of which function under a different set of rules.

Thirty some years ago I began shooting recreationally and, along with scuba diving and photography, the shooting sports became one of my three major avocations.

Over these past three decades I've had the privilege of being trained in many specialties by some of the finest and most-respected shooting instructors in the country. I participated in many of the active shooting sports both casually and competitively.

Most of all, though, I wanted to share my passion for the shooting sports and personal protection with others. I became an NRA-certified Instructor and, in the same month it was instituted back in 1998 I was certified as a Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety Instructor.

This is what I do best: I create a friendly learning environment so that all of my students can quickly and thoroughly understand everything required by law in addition to other, equally important concepts that aren't required to be taught yet are so crucial to know.

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