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LEOSA Certification
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I give the class one-on-one in your own home or office at your convenience.
No shooting is required and there are no loaded firearms used in the class. It's more like a friendly conversation than a lecture!

There isn't a lower-cost, more conveniently located, more timely scheduled and more complete MA-approved course — anywhere!

Take some time and read through the website. See if you agree that it was time well spent. Then email me to schedule a class.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

I have great respect for the police and the near impossible job they do going into harm's way each and every day. But it's still true. The police deter crime by their presence, and they can't be everywhere at once.

Without bringing politics or emotions into such a highly-charged topic consider that you might choose to buy a firearm one day. If you live in Massachusetts you'll need a permit issued by the Chief of Police in your town or city of residence or place of business. To get that permit you have to submit an application to your local police authority and, after several months, you'll either be approved
(with or without restrictions) or your application will be denied. That's the law. Getting your permit doesn't require that you buy a firearm; it just allows you to do so when you choose to do so.

That gives you the freedom of choice!

How often have you thought to yourself: "I should get a gun permit"? Especially now, before the laws become more stringent?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all applicants to complete an approved firearms safety course before submitting an application for an LTC
(License to Carry). The LTC is more often referred to as a "gun permit." Massachusetts has two categories of firearm permits — an FID and a Class A LTC. Both licenses require a prerequisite course, in addition to a detailed application, a thorough criminal background check and getting fingerprinted.

How long before the Commonwealth again increases the cost of applying for a permit to buy or carry a gun?

Just a few years ago the application fee was $25; today, the fee is $100. Given the current economy what do you expect the cost to be next year?

How much longer will you wait before applying for your permit?

LTC applications in Massachusetts are approved or rejected solely by your local Chief of Police. In some communities approval is relatively common while in others it's nearly impossible. Some police chiefs are lenient in granting approvals. One day, though, that more-lenient chief might be replaced by a new chief who might be far more restrictive. As citizens we can appeal a decision but we have absolutely no control over the outcome. And appealing can become a costly endeavor.

Firearm prices are going up and the variety of handguns, rifles and shotguns legal to purchase in Massachusetts is more limited here than in any other state. Today, for many reasons, the availability of ammunition is rapidly shrinking and the cost of what
is available continues to rise. On any day the Attorney General can suddenly and arbitrarily remove another firearm from the infamous Approved Firearms Roster list and the Legislature may one day put a tax on ammunition to make it too expensive to buy.

If you want to buy a handgun in the future for any reason you must have a Class A License to Carry issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. But you can't submit your application until you've taken one of the approved prerequisite classes.

I'm certified to give that class and to issue you the required Certificate of Completion!

Rather than holding group classes at a retail store or shooting range,
I'll come to your home. I'll give you the complete course privately, one-on-one, or to a small group of like-minded friends you've gathered. I'll bring everything needed including unloaded firearms for demonstration purposes (no shooting is required for this course), CD handouts and the MA State Police completion certificate you'll submit with your application.

You'll learn much, much more in my Firearms Safety Course.

You'll learn all the required material but you'll learn much more, too. You'll learn how to select the right gun for your needs and the realities and responsibilities of gun ownership. If you choose to carry a concealed firearm in public I'll ask the questions you've never even considered to help you make the correct and proper decision for your particular needs. I'll help you decide what to buy, how to carry it and, perhaps most important of all, how not to use it! You'll learn the NRA's Eddie Eagle rules to help gun-proof your children not just in your home but in their friend's homes, too.

Finally, you'll have a chance to ask all the questions you've wanted to ask and to do so without feeling embarrassed in a group of strangers in a classroom. The required material takes up to 4 hours to complete and you'll have as much time as you need for your questions and the all-important answers afterwards.

Having a License to Carry — an LTC, a gun permit — isn't a political statement. It's a common sense decision. It's your right, not a privilege. It's also an awesome responsibility not to be taken lightly or frivolously. If you don't get one now you may not be allowed the chance to get one in the future.

My class is the most convenient way to take the first step.
Will you take it?

If not now...when?